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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my ring/finger black/green from my new silver item?

2. Is my special order returnable? Exchangeable?

3. How long will it take to receive my special order?

4. What if an item is out of stock?

5. Why is shipping so expensive?

6. Do you offer USPS?

7. Do you ship out of the country?

8. Can I ship to an APO?

9. Do you have “send a gift” options?

10. If I buy a large qty of an item is there an additional discount?

11. How do I determine my ring size?

12. How do I determine which Bible cover fits my Bible?

13. Is Bob Siemon a real person?

Answer 1: Bob Siemon Designs creates sterling silver jewelry that maintains the metal’s natural state. In its natural state, sterling silver is covered by a black tarnish and it must be polished to maintain a bright shine. If tarnish does appear, simply polish it with the specially treated cloth that is included in the bottom of your jewelry box. This tarnish is an indication of the metal’s purity and the fact that Bob Siemon Designs sterling silver is not plated with additional additives.

Occasionally, changes in your skin’s acidity may cause a mild chemical reaction that will turn your skin slightly green where the Sterling Silver touches it. This can be caused by changes in climate or in your diet. If this happens, polish the piece with the specially treated cloth. In a few days it will adjust to your body’s chemistry.

Answer 2: Your special order was created just for you. Therefore, special orders items are NOT returnable or exchangeable.

Answer 3: Depending on your special order item, it can take up to fifteen days before your item is shipped. Please allow additional time for shipping.

Answer 4: If an item you ordered is out of stock you will be contacted by a Bob Siemon Designs representative. Our representatives will let you know when we expect to have your item in stock.

Answer 5: We are pleased to offer you a flat shipping rate regardless of the size of your order. Additionally, because we ship products made of precious metals it is important that we use a shipping method that allows both us and our customers to track purchases.

Answer 6: Our standard method of shipping is United Parcel Service (UPS). UPS will not deliver to PO BOXES or APO/FPO addresses. Please provide a physical street address. Failure to do so will delay your order.

Answer 7: We are only able to offer shipping to addresses located in the United States. Many of Bob Siemon Designs products are made of precious metal and many countries have custom restrictions in these product categories. However, our products are available through many international retailers. To see if the products are available in your country of origin, click here.

Answer 8: Unfortunately, the United Parcel Service will not deliver to an APO or PO Box. Therefore, we need a physical street address to which to send your Bob Siemon Designs order.

Answer 9: We are developing “send a gift” options. Please check back for more information.

Answer 10: If you are interested in bulk purchases (ordering 100 or more of any one item), please contact our Customer Support Team at 800.854.8358.

Answer 11: Your ring size can be determined by visiting a Bob Siemon Designs retailer or any jeweler and to request that they measure your finger. Please note that your ring size may depend on the thickness of the ring’s band. It is helpful to know which ring you want to purchase and whether or not its band is closer to a “thin” or “thick” band size. Knowing this information will help you size your finger correctly.

Answer 12: Please view our Bible Accessory sizing chart to determine which case/cover size you need for your Bible. Click here.

Answer 13: Yes! Bob Siemon started the company as a young artist in 1969 with the fabrication of a sterling silver ring inscribed with the words, “Jesus Saves.” Today, he is still very involved in the business and the design process. 

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