Posted: Tuesday, October 05, 2010 10:20 AM

I am married to a wonderfui woman who some years past bought for me your cross and grapes ring.

Typical husband lost the ring which I wore everyday and every night.

Once again this marvelous wife of mine and mother of our five children contacted you and had another

ring made for me. I cannot recall how long ago it was that she presented me with the second ring, but

I do know I have never taken it off.  I consider it's beauty and strong meaning to represent my

love and belief in our risen Christ.  I cannot tel you how many young people and adults have askied

about my ring and each question has given me the opportunity to witness for our Jesus Christ.

I would go nowhere else to buy such meaning full pieces.

Quint Ford

PS:  We celebrate ou 50th wedding anniversary on Decembert 17th.